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#WhattheChuckWednesday DadBag vs. Defecating Jogger

This is unprecedented for #WhattheChuckWednesday. Normally there is one thing throughout a week that makes me ask WTC. But this week, JUST TODAY, there have been two things to stand out and I can't decide which one I wanna talk about. 

Twice today I have either seen a post or been sent a message about the "DadBag." It's is essentially a fanny pack that looks like a pudgy, hairy belly.

First thing that came to mind when I saw this was, "Well, I certainly don't need that. I just toss on a crop top and make that image with what I've been given." My second thought was that I enjoyed the fact they are storing beer in the "beer belly."

The second thing that made me go WTC today is the female jogger that keeps defecating in lawns around Colorado Springs.

#1. I can't even go the bathroom in a public restroom unless the stall doors are ALL the way to the floor and it isn't full of people waiting. I get nervous.

#2. This lady is so casual about it and runs with napkins in her pocket and KEEPS RETURNING. That's dedication to jogging. I guess. There better hand santizer with her too.

#3. Is this some sort of fetish?

That's a lot to digest for this week, but seriously. I couldn't pass either one of them up.

Which story is making you go "What the Chuck?"

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