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New Tinder Strategy

Online dating is hard. There's so many new and different manners for online dating and contact then face-to-face.
In fact, social media is tough sometimes because there is such a fine, fine line between being engaging and fun and being straight up weird and creepy.

As we all may know, Tinder is probably the most popular app for dating and hooking up. People have been really creative with their profiles and descriptions for some time now.

Well, this guy takes the cake for now. He actually reached out to a number of his ex-girflriends asking him to write a "review" on him so he could post them to his Tinder profile. That's a bold move. What's even better is he posts both the positive and negative reviews to his profile! And they are hilarious. It seems to be working. The dude has opened up quite a bit of game for himself.

To see the full article and reviews click here.

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I moved to Green Bay in 2012. I have two bachelor degrees in Music and Communications. Since I never made it as a famous musician, I figured working in radio would be the next best thing. And I tell you this is the best line of work I have ever been in. I love working in radio. I finally found a job where I can be myself.

I'm originally from the north woods of Wisconsin and the U.P. So when someone says "up nort," they rarely know what that really means. I know what it means to be from up north.

With that being said I am the opposite of someone being raised in the north woods. I always had a city soul. I like to have a good time, write music, sing karaoke, go biking and play in league sports (bowling and softball).

My top 5 female artists (in no particular order)
Katy Perry
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Nicki Minaj
Lady Gaga

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