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Angry Pedestrian

Friday, May, 26 2017

There's not much better than instant karma.

This driver with a dash cam pulls up to this red light kind of hot, but still stops with enough time and space to allow the pedestrian pass.

As this is happening, the guy, who is walking his dog, is shaking his fist in anger because perhaps he thought the driver pulled up a little fast.

Right after this happens, BAM! He walks right into the poll. Instead of just walking away, he approaches the car, shakes his fist and THEN walks away.

It's a pretty funny scene.

posted by: Chuck Charles

Percussive Police

Tuesday, May, 23 2017

The Canadian band Vinyl Ambush, based out of Toronto, had a private gig they were playing at last Saturday. They feared the gig would be busted up, and lo and behold, it was.

Except the police didn't shut down the party. No. What happened was one of the officers took over the drums and joined in!

Could you imagine?

"Alright. Everybody stop what you're doing. You on the drums, get up." Then he acts like he's going to frisk the drummer, steals the sticks and lays down the beat. At least that's how it went in my head.

posted by: Chuck Charles

Airbrushed Girlfriend Shirt

Monday, May, 22 2017

This guy truly takes the supportive game to the next level.

In honor of his girlfriend graduating, this guy wears a shirt with his girlfriend airbrushed on it.

That's admiration and dedication to the fullest. Maybe I'll get an airbrushed shirt of myself.

posted by: Chuck Charles

Kids Reaction to Becoming a Big Brother

Friday, May, 19 2017

There are certainly a lot of cute posts of kids being excited once they learn they're going to have a younger sibling come in to this world.

I did not have that issue. I grew up an only child (insert comments).

However, if the situation ever did come up, I'm pretty sure my reaction might've been along the lines of this kids.

I think his decision might be finally made once the baby actually gets here.

posted by: Chuck Charles

Starburst Dress

Thursday, May, 18 2017

I'd like to think I'm a creative person, but when it comes to wardrobe, I am not. Especially when it comes to crafting my own.

I'm also not "collect 10,000 of something" dedicated either.

But props to this girl who has done both. Recently she made a dress out of 10,000 Starburst wrappers and it is magically colorful and looks good. Check out the creativity below.

posted by: Chuck Charles