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Eat A Hot Pepper When You Hear

Monday, Jul, 24 2017

I get it, it's pretty annoying when you listen to someone speak and they use "um" a lot.

But why punish yourself each time they do it?

That's exactly what is happening here. Ariana Grande is giving an acceptance speech and this genius decides that everytime she uses the word "um" they're going to eat a hot pepper. Well, it's more like taking bites of hot peppers. But still, why punish yourself.

About halfway through the video I think you can start to see the regret in their face, but they have something to prove! Until they give up.

It's worth a watch for a good laugh.

posted by: Chuck Charles


Friday, Jul, 21 2017


It's time to see what's happenin' this weekend with another #OnTheGointhe92Oh. I know there's Paperfest going on in beautiful Sunset Park in Kimberly, which you definitely should hit up. However, if that's not your thing, I got your back.

Friday- I'm looking forward to the Green Bay Tap Takeover happening at Tanner's in Kimberly. Stillmark, Badger Brewing and Titlletown Brewery are taking over the taps outside on their Long Bar. They're not giving any hints as to what they're gonna have so the only way to find out is by going. It's on ALL weekend so if the rain holds off, head to their outside bar, have a great local beer and get poolside.

Saturday - A great local band, Jamie Fontaine & The Level are gonna give you some day time tunes as they take stage at Catch 22 in Green Bay. They start things off at 12 and go until 4 and two houirs later 2 Hour Notice is taking over. This all apart of their big outside bash that is celebrating the opening of their new corner bar. Beer brats and hamburgers will also be included. Food, music, beer AND outdoors. Sounds like a perfect recipe to me.

Sunday - One of my favorite places, Richard Craniums is having their 5th Year Anniversary/Customer Appreciation Celebration. It starts at noon and ends at 9pm. There's a corn roast that goes until 5, Reckless Remedy providing the music from 3-7 plus free giveaways EVERY HOUR. You'll definitely catch me here ALL DAY.

That's my take for the weekend. Of course, I am open to suggestions and love to see what other people are up to. Hit me up on Twitter & Snapchat @whatthechuck99.

Have a fun weekend and be safe!

posted by: Chuck Charles

#ThirstyThursday 7/20/17

Thursday, Jul, 20 2017

Hello my thirsty friends and welcome to another edition of #ThirstyThursday. This week I am going to feature my favorite places that have live music.

Outdoor live music is huge for WIsconsin this time of year, because lets face it, we only get a fraction of the year to be able to enjoy that. These places either have music all year round or they go all in during the summer season.

One of my favorite places to see live music during the summer is Fox Harbor in Green Bay. They have a wonderful outdoor patio along the Fox River and feature live, fantastic band every Sunday during the summer. They have a full outdoor bar, firepit in case it gets chilly and serve food outside. One of my favorite dark horse features about this place is the bathroom is convenietnly located equidistance between both bars. It is certainly a perfect place to go Sunday Funday it up.

Another outdoor favorite is the Sardine Can in Green Bay. They feature live music outside quite frequently. Usually Wednesday's after the Broadway Farmer's Market, Saturday night and Sunday afternoons. The name is a perfect fit for the place because this outdoor patio gets PACKED as if you're in a sardine can. However, that should not deter anyone from having a good time. Have a drink and get to know your neighbor! Before I took up nights, one of my favorite things to do during the summer was to hit up the Farmer's Market and then walk on down to see the live music.

The final place I want to feature is Short Branch in Neenah. This place has a nicely remodeled stage both inside AND outside. The outside stage is in the beautiful back patio area that features a full bar and plenty of seating. The inside portion does get a little snug, but the clientele is fantastic. They usually have some pretty great specials going on and the service is friendly. BONUS: I know I did my Bloody Mary post a couple of weeks ago, but this place would certainly make the list now. Fantastic Bloody Mary's on Sunday'.

There's this week's list. If you have anything to add or recommend, I love suggestions and an open to trying new places. If you wanna hit me up, add me on Snapchat or Twitter @whatthechuck99.


posted by: Chuck Charles

#Brotiquing 7/18/17

Tuesday, Jul, 18 2017

Welcome to another installment of #Brotiquing where I tell you my favorite foods and where I like to get them from. Last week we touched on where to get a really good breakfast burger. I figured since I am doing these on a Tuesday, it would make sense that I do a #TacoTuesday installment.

Northeastern Wisconsin is FILLED with a lot of great Mexican style restaurants which makes me happy since it is one of my favorite styles of food.

I could give you the obvious answers and I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about, but I'm gonna go with a place that might not be top of mind when it comes to getting Mexican. The place I like to go when I am really craving Mexican is Mr. Taco in Appleton. They have a location in Hilbert re-opening and are debuting a new location in Kimberly near Anduzzi's. They also rock a pretty mean food truck which you can find around the area, especially at all Fox Valley Food Trucks Rallies.

The specific item I get is the Taco Salad. I don't know what it is about taco salads, but I LOVE them. However, those Nachos and Monster Burrito are also calling my name.

So there's this weeks #Brotiquing #TacoTuesday edition. If you have any suggestions for or any comments on this article. please hit me up on Twitter or Snapchat @whatthechuck99.

posted by: Chuck Charles

Guy Fieri Swimsuit

Monday, Jul, 17 2017

We've seen a lot of scary and interesting "trends" the last few years.

Well, now here's this. A Guy Fieri one piece swimsuit. Maybe I'll see about getting my face plastered on some of these.

posted by: Chuck Charles