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Wedding Invitation

Wednesday, Mar, 29 2017

Some people are just more creative when it comes to wedding invitations than others. Some get real traditional. Others get new age with magnet invitations and save the dates.

This couple right here. They are up for most creative and awesome wedding invitation. The bride to be is marrying a Sheriff and decided the best way to send out invites was to act as if the people who are receiving them need to be summoned to court.

Genius, scare them into thinking they did something bad to make the fact they have to go to a wedding seem like fun.

(Weddings are fun. It's a drag to those people who are soooooo popular and have sooooooo many weddings to attend each summer. You people make me sick. Appreciate people love you!)

posted by: Chuck Charles

New Emojis

Monday, Mar, 27 2017

Ah, emojis. They're a great way or alternative to express what we want to say through text/social media. As times have changed, we have found that there is some emptiness to the emojis that are available. We finally got our taco emojis we've all been clamoring about.

Well, there are a whole slate of new emojis coming our way including broccoli, because who hasn't sat there, sending out what you thought was the perfect message, just pissed that there is no broccoli emoji?

This video is going to sum up all that we can look forward to in the world of emojis in 2017.

posted by: Chuck Charles

Yo-Yo Master

Tuesday, Mar, 14 2017

I remember back when I was in middle school into early high school, being a yo-yo pro was the cool thing to be. However, I never gathered those skills. I mean, I couldn't even "walk the dog." BUT, that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate the skills.

I will admit that I didn't even know that being a yo-yo pro was still a thing until I saw this video.

This guy absolutely kills it and the further the video goes, the more impressive the skills get! You have to check it out and just sit in awe.

posted by: Chuck Charles

Alexa Talking Skull

Monday, Mar, 13 2017

It's kind of creepy enough that we are all just willy nilly allowing artificial intelligence into our homes to live with us. Kind of think about that movie with Will Smith. What happenes when you put a creepy skull to make Alexa "come alive?" Utter creepiness.

posted by: Chuck Charles

Emoji Snake

Monday, Mar, 6 2017

Some people really take the emoji life to a whole different level. This guy breaded pythons for 8 years until this white snake was born with 3 emoji smiley faces on it's skin. The emojis were created by recessive mutations. This guy values this snake around $4,500, however, does not plan on selling it.

posted by: Chuck Charles