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Karli Brooks

Karli Brooks


Hilarious Photo Booth Prank!

Wednesday, Oct, 22 2014

This will make you smile on your hump day!

posted by: Karli Brooks

Aaron Rodgers Look-Alike Comes to Green Bay!

Wednesday, Oct, 15 2014

Aaron Rodgers look-alike comes to Green Bay all the way from England! Meets a bunch of the fans, players and Aaron himself! Definitely worth the 10 minutes to watch!

posted by: Karli Brooks

Hilarious Surfer Interview

Wednesday, Oct, 15 2014

I have no idea what he's talking about, but his description makes me want to learn how to surf!

posted by: Karli Brooks

High School Quarterback Plays for 2 Different Teams...In the Same Game???

Thursday, Oct, 9 2014

People take football pretty darn serious this time of year. This story reminds us that it's NOT worth going absolutely nuts over!

Last week in Mississippi, two high school football teams faced off: The Cougars and the Bulldogs. By the second quarter, the Bulldogs were winning 21-nothing and the Cougar's only quarterback was out injured.

The Cougar's coach was trying to be resourceful with his other players and putting them in as quarterback, but they were just TERRIBLE! So the coach of the Bulldogs go an idea on how to help.

Now most teams would capitalize on this and just kick the living snot out of this disadvantaged team. Well the Bulldogs are much better sports than that! The coach of the Bulldogs offered up his STARTING quarterback to the Cougars while the Bulldogs used their back up quarterback.

The starting quarterback, Mason Mathieu played his hardest for the other team and scored two touchdown passes and almost a third, but the time ran out.
The Bulldogs still DESTROYED the Cougars (46-14) but MAN, you don't see sportsmanship like that every day!

posted by: Karli Brooks

Alfonso Ribeiro busts out the famous Carlton dance on DWTS!

Tuesday, Oct, 7 2014

I love everything about this!!!

posted by: Karli Brooks