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If Black Friday was a Movie...

Wednesday, Nov, 25 2015

This is fantastic...I wish this was a real movie. I would totally go and see it!

posted by: Karli Brooks

Jennifer Lawrence Pranks a Prankster in an Interview

Monday, Nov, 23 2015

Jennifer Lawrence is the prankee becoming the prankster. These guys think they're pranking the Oscar winning actress, but little do they know, she's being fed what to say back to them. Hilarious! Love J-Law!

posted by: Karli Brooks

Hotline Bling - Without Music...AWKWARD!

Wednesday, Oct, 28 2015

Ever wonder what the "Hotline Bling" music video would look and sound like without the music? Well, here you go...you're welcome.

posted by: Karli Brooks

Doc and Marty Time Travel to Jimmy Kimmel

Thursday, Oct, 22 2015

Back to the Future day yesterday and Doc Brown and Marty McFly made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show. So epic!

posted by: Karli Brooks

NY Giants Fan Marries Patriots Fan...EPIC Cake Surprise!

Wednesday, Oct, 21 2015

Haha! This NY Giants bride is swallowing her pride and marrying a Patriots fan! She couldn't just marry him without giving him a hard time at the wedding so she surprised him with this cake: a deflated football with a Tom Brady figurine on top...Isn't he pretty?

posted by: Karli Brooks