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Karli Brooks

Karli Brooks


Sep 2014 »

Wilford Brimley Turns 80!

Friday, Sep, 26 2014

The sworn enemy of the dreaded diabeetus turns 80 tomorrow!!! In honor of good ol' Wilfy's birthday, here is a dance mix of him saying "diabeetus" over and over again!

posted by: Karli Brooks


Friday, Sep, 26 2014

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi had her second baby this morning! Little Lorenzo has a baby sister! Giovanna Marie LaValle - 6lbs 7oz and a full head of black hair! Congrats to Snooki and Jionni!


posted by: Karli Brooks

Little girl goes crazy getting a flu shot!!!

Wednesday, Sep, 24 2014

Have you ever reacted like this to getting a flu shot or anything? I love when she freaks out again and then realizes it's only the band aid touching her...Haha!!!

posted by: Karli Brooks

Awesome Craigslist Post - FREE Mattress!!!

Tuesday, Sep, 23 2014

Free mattress if you can get over all the sex that's been had on it!

posted by: Karli Brooks

Horrible "Fancy" Parody

Monday, Sep, 22 2014

Probably the worst parody video of "Fancy" I have ever heard!

posted by: Karli Brooks