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Ariana Grande Smacked in the Face

Wednesday, Dec, 3 2014

Ariana Grande performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London last night and while performing "Bang Bang," she got smacked in the face with the wing of one of the passing Victoria's Secret Angels...

Check out this look of terror on her face!

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Five Steps to Become More of a Morning Person

Tuesday, Dec, 2 2014

Getting up in the morning can be a huge struggle! Well here are 5 steps to make mornings easier:

1. Don't keep your alarm next to your bed. Force yourself to get out of bed to turn that annoying thing off!

2. Find a reason to be excited about waking up. Now it doesn't have to be anything super exciting, but instead of thinking "Ugh I have to wake up in 6 hours," think about eating that delicious breakfast, or that first cup of coffee.

3. Brush your teeth immediately. Don't check Facebook or start making coffee. Brush your teeth! This wakes you up and so does the toothpaste.

4. Drink a glass of water right when you wake up. You're likely dehydrated from not drinking water for 6-8 hours and that causes fatigue.

5. Break a sweat. Exercise wakes you up way better than a shower does!

You will thank me later! :-)

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Jimmy Fallon - Pyramid Game

Tuesday, Nov, 11 2014

I live for watching Jimmy Fallon! I love everything about his show! Great video of Jimmy playing the popular game show Pyramid with Nick Jonas, Usher and Jeff Daniels.

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Taylor Swift - Blank Space Video

Monday, Nov, 10 2014

Taylor Swift's new video for "Blank Space." I absolutely love it!!! What do you think?

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Seriously LOVE this kid!!!

Friday, Oct, 31 2014

If you haven't followed him on Ellen, this kid is absolutely hilarious and adorable! Ellen sent him to the Texas State Fair...check it out and you'll see what I mean!


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