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Podcasts : Doug and Mary
posted on Jul 27th

7/27/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Travis Babysits His Niece for the First Time Today; A New Race for Mary; Mexico Warning for Drugs in Drinks; Sam Hunt Lyric Fail by a Child; Calling Out Doug and Mary's Son; Doug's Engaged Ex Girlfriend Story


posted on Jul 26th

7/26/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

A Caller Throws Doug and Mary's Son Under the Bus; Doug's Million Dollar Idea; Confessions of Stealing From Parties; Pig Wrestling Run Down; The Best and Worst Duets of All Time


posted on Jul 21st

7/21/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Doug and Travis Takeover the Show; Pig Wrestling 101; The Defining Moments in Music; Travis Hits a Car at Work; Have You Ever Been Catfished?


posted on Jul 20th

7/20/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Mary Announces She Has a New Job; Twitter User Fakes Death; Betting on O.J. Simpson


posted on Jul 19th

7/19/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Travis Tries to Beat a Swimming Record; Doug Messes with a Lady from Craigslist; Mary Gets Approached at the DMV; A Listener Calls Us Out for Calling Him a Name


posted on Jul 18th

7/18/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Doug Gets Quized on the First Song He Danced to With Mary; Travis Gets Unexpected News During the Show; Underwater Challenge We Try to Beat


posted on Jul 17th

7/17/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Doug and Mary Pick Their Top Boy Band Songs; Travis' Excited for a New TV Show; Dear Doug and Mary - Video Gamer's Wife is Not Happy; The Douche Canoe of the Day - Is It Really That Bad?


posted on Jul 14th

7/14/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Travis' Love of His Life Update; Top Girl Group Songs; Doug and Mary's Daughter in Driver's Ed - Driver's Ed Stories; Who's Worse the Tailgater or the Break Checker?


posted on Jul 13th

7/13/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Doug and Mary are Back from Iowa - Most Boring State Ever; Travis Found the Love of His Life; and a Dear Doug and Mary Letter - A Guy Wants Asks to Marry Another Guys Girlfriend


posted on Jun 22nd

6/22/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Welcome to the Show; Audio from the Ghost by Travis; Mary Tries a Jello Shot for the First Time; Have a Great Day!