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Podcasts : Doug and Mary
posted on Aug 9th

8/9/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Doug, Mary, and Travis Talk with Parents of Patients That are at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. If you would like to help raise money for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin just go to: http://www.chw.org/giving-and-volunteers/events-supporting-chw/caring-for-kids-mediathon/


posted on Aug 8th

8/8/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Intervention for Doug; Travis' Bar League Volleyball; Choosing Your Own Grade in College; The Worst Douche Canoe of the Day EVER!


posted on Aug 7th

8/7/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Adulting Tip from Travis; Softball Team Disqualified - Did They Deserve It?


posted on Aug 4th

8/4/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Doug Teaches Us How to Remember Names Better; Travis Loses 3 Bets; Mary Prepares for Her Iceland Trip; Guy Wants to Know How to Spy on His Girlfriend


posted on Aug 3rd

8/3/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Getting Doug and Mary'd; Travis Gets Awkward Again; The Meaning of Your Name - Urban Dictionary Style


posted on Aug 2nd

8/2/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Can You Go to a Packer Game with an Ex?; Things to Not Say on a First Date; Top Banned Wedding Songs


posted on Aug 1st

8/1/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Jobs You Had for the Shortest Amount of Time; Travis Has a Talk with a Co-Worker; Party Schools; Biggest Regrets


posted on Jul 31st

7/31/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Travis Gets Called Out By a Listener; Crazy Reason for a Divorce; Deal Breakers


posted on Jul 28th

7/28/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Travis Tells Us How Babysitting for the First Time Went; The DJ Khaled Rant; If You Could Be Any Singer Who Would You Be?


posted on Jul 27th

7/27/17 - Doug and Mary in the Morning

Travis Babysits His Niece for the First Time Today; A New Race for Mary; Mexico Warning for Drugs in Drinks; Sam Hunt Lyric Fail by a Child; Calling Out Doug and Mary's Son; Doug's Engaged Ex Girlfriend Story