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Podcasts : Doug and Mary
posted on Sep 6th

Tuesday - 9/6/16

Welcome To The Show, The Badger/LSU Game, Finding Doug's Dad, Michael Phelps' Baby, Listener Calls, 3 Things You Need To Know, Using Opposite Gender's Bathroom, Ex Burns The Wrong Car, Getting In The Wrong Car, Punter, LSU Pronounces Wisconsin Towns, End of Show


posted on Sep 2nd

Friday - 9/2/16

Welcome To The Show, Yoga On a Plane, Cocaine Bust at Coca~Cola Plant, Update On Chicken At Travis' Parent's House, Update On Ghost At Girlfriend's House, What Age Should You Do Certain Things At, Shortest Time You Had a Job, 3 Things You Need To Know, Anthony Weiner Gets Offered Porn Job, More Ghost Pictures!, College Football, "Barbie Did It" Video


posted on Sep 1st

Thursday - 9/1/16

Welcome To The Show, Bad Roommate Stories, Listeners Call, Lady Mad At Garbage Man Clucks, Stroke That Makes A Man Able To Play The Piano, Demi Lavato Undercover Lyft Driver, 3 Things You Need To Know, Chasing Chicken, Mexico Trip, Ghost Hunting, Listener Calls


posted on Aug 31st

Wednesday - 8/31/16

Welcome To The Show, Photobombed Senior Pictures, Confession By Doug, Trying To Catch Ghosts, Hickies, 3 Things You Need To Know, Try It Travis, Roommates, Listener Calls, Dancing With The Stars.


posted on Aug 30th

Tuesday - 8/30/16

Welcome To The Show, Getting Lucky When Speeding, Top Travis Recap, Jennifer Lopez For Halftime Show?, What To Take Off In An Interview, Idiot Teenage Criminal, 3 Things You Need To Know, Selfie Class In College, J-Lo For The Halftime Show, Joe Biden - Who Is He?, Colin Kaepernick, Listener Calls, Creepy Clown.


posted on Aug 29th

Monday - 8/29/16

Welcome To The Show, Meeting Bobby Bones, Engagement Stories, Running With Beer, Parking Lot Wars, Fishing Hook Catches A Mans Junk, 3 Things You Need To Know, Doug Searches For His Birth Dad, Parking Lot Wars Update, Marah Carey's Sister, "Don't Breathe" Number One This Past Weeked, Top Traivs With A Joke


posted on Aug 26th

Friday - 8/26/16

Welcome To The Show, Parking Lot Fued, Snake For An Ex, Bird Roadkill, Fourth Grade Teacher's Song, Catfish With Katy Perry, Mexico Epic Vacation, Parking Lot Wars, 3 Things You Need To Know, Drawing A Mustache On A Baby, National Dog Day, Meeting Bobby Bones, Job Shadow, More Roadkill.


posted on Aug 25th

Thursday - 8/25/16

Welcome To The Show, Travis Goes To The Fair, Skydiving Saves Old Mans Life, The Epi Pen Situation, Promise Ring Listener Call, 3 Things You Need To Know, Touring Princes Paisley Park, Dougs Weird Craigslist Ad, Drunkest Cities In America....Is It Good That Wisconsin's On There? 12 TIMES?!, Tinder, Cheating Online, 4th Grade Teacher's Song That Kills It.


posted on Aug 24th

Wednesday - 8/24/16

Welcome To The Show, The Storm, Ariana Grande Could Be Sued, Mother's Reaction To Kid Going To School For The First Time, What's The Point Of Promise Rings?, 3 Things, Promise Rings And Listener Calls, "Try It Travis" (New Segmnent), Sausage Party Movie Review, A Few More Promise Ring Calls.


posted on Aug 23rd

Tuesday - 8/23/16

Welcome To The Show, UFC Fight Recap - Mary and Travis Are Wrong, Olympic Gymnast Aske Out by Football Player, Teacher Says No Homework, Travis' Brother's Roommate, What Guy's Say When They Go Cheat.