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Watch Katy Perry and Elle King on Tonight's Stephen Colbert Live Showtime Election Night Special

Katy Perry and Elle King are just two of the big names that Stephen Colbert has scored for his live Election Night special, airing on Showtime at 11 p.m. ET this evening. The special, called Stephen Colbert's Live Election Night Democracy's Series Finale: Who's Going to Clean Up This S***?, also will feature Jeff Goldblum, Larry Wilmore, Patton Oswalt, Nick Offerman and others.  Elle King will sit in with Colbert's band all night, and also perform one of her songs at the end of the show. It's not clear what Katy, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, will be doing on the…

posted 2016/11/08 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Ariana Grande Reveals Fun Facts About Herself in 42-Second Q&A

How much can you learn about Ariana Grande in 42 seconds? Quite a bit, it turns out. In a series of rapid fire questions for E! News’ "E!Q in 42," the singer reveals what size bed she sleeps in, what she never leaves home without…and the fact that she isn’t very good at rapid fire questions. She says sleeps in a California King to fit all of her dogs and never leaves home without her MAC Viva Glam lipstick. Ariana collaborated with the cosmetics brand on a lipstick line that came out back in September. She also reveals she prefers…

posted 2016/11/08 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Taylor Swift Casts Ballot as the Internet Wonders Who It Was For

Throughout the election cycle, Taylor Swift hasn't endorsed any specific candidate, to the frustration of some of her fans.  Tuesday, she urged everyone to cast their ballots, but the internet is still wondering whose name she's marking on hers. Taylor posted a photo of herself on line at her polling place, and wrote, "Today is the day. Go out and VOTE US." However, according to Google Trends, out of all Google searches of "Who is X voting for," Taylor's name is the most popular, followed by Monica Lewinsky, George Bush, Al Gore and Mitt Romney. In a 2012 interview with…

posted 2016/11/08 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Adele Tops "Heat" Mag's List of Richest British Celebs Under 30, Goes Cowboy in Mannequin Challenge

Well, "Hello," Ms. Moneybags.  Adele has topped Heat magazine's annual list of the richest British celebrities under the age of 30. Last year, Adele raked in about 47 million dollars and came in at #4 on the list, but this year, she's on top, thanks to the success of her latest album 25, her sold-out world tour and her new record deal, which earned her an advance of seven million bucks.  Heat estimates Adele's worth to be around $114 million, which according to the magazine makes her not only the richest British celeb under 30, but the U.K.'s richest-ever female…

posted 2016/11/08 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

At Midnight Rally, Lady Gaga Sings with Bon Jovi, Says Clinton Is "Made of Steel"

Her opponent may claim that Hillary Clinton has no stamina, but don't tell Lady Gaga that. At a midnight "Get Out the Vote" rally for Clinton last night in North Carolina, Lady Gaga told the cheering crowd that the Democratic candidate for president is "made of steel." While she didn't mention Donald Trump by name, Gaga encouraged Clinton supporters to view Trump's supporters as "our allies," noting, "What do we say? We are stronger together. And what I see in this remarkable woman is that she is ready to restore peace in this country. America is not America without its…

posted 2016/11/08 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Lorde Celebrates 20th Birthday at Party Hosted By Her "Mom" Taylor Swift

Lorde's 20th birthday party Monday night in New York City was quite the bash -- but what do you expect when Taylor Swift's in charge of the festivities? E! Online reports that Taylor hosted a dinner for her friend, born Ella Yelich-O'Connor, at ZZ's Clam Bar in Manhattan.  Celebrities on hand to celebrate included Lena Dunham, Karlie Kloss, Mae Whitman, Tavi Gevinson, Aziz Ansari and Lorde's childhood friends from New Zealand.  Taylor decorated the group's area with gold balloons spelling out "U R 20."  Lorde posted a photo of the setup, saying she was the "happiest birthday girl in the world."…

posted 2016/11/08 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Rihanna to Sing for Prince Harrry During His Caribbean Royal Tour

Rihanna may be a queen to her fans, but later this month, she'll be hanging with an actual prince. Britain's Prince Harry will appear with Rihanna during his upcoming two-week royal tour of the Caribbean, joining her to mark the 50th anniversary of Barbados’ independence from British rule.  Ri-Ri is, of course, from Barbados, and is expected to sing the national anthem at the celebration, accompanied by a choir of children.Harry will tour nine different countries and Commonwealth realms throughout the Caribbean from November 20 to December 4, during a trip aimed at generating goodwill in that part of the…

posted 2016/11/08 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

DNCE Hopes Their Self-Titled Album Will Finally Clear Up What Their Name Is

They've scored a smash hit with "Cake by the Ocean," been nominated for two American Music Awards, just announced a 2017 tour and this month, DNCE will finally release their debut album, but as frontman Joe Jonas explains, the album is self-titled because people still aren't quite sure what the name of the group is. "I think it’s important to get the name out there still to people," Joe tells ABC Radio. "You know, what I’ve noticed is they discovered 'Cake by the Ocean,' and sometimes they'll say, 'Are you guys called "Cake by the Ocean?" or 'What’s the band…

posted 2016/11/08 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Alicia Keys Stares Down Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show"

Alicia Keys was an in studio guest on Friday's The Tonight Show, where she took part in an "Ultimate Staring Contest" with host Jimmy Fallon. In a pre-recorded segment that aired Monday, the two engaged in a friendly, yet intense staring contest they were determined to continue, no matter what got in their way. The Voice coach never loses eye contact with Jimmy -- even while they're grabbing a cup of coffee, eating sushi and checking out the view from the 10th floor of 30 Rockefeller Center, where The Tonight Show takes place. That is, until Questlove, the drummer for…

posted 2016/11/08 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR


Nick Jonas Hits the Club with “Champagne Problems” in New Video

Nick Jonas tries to solve his “Champagne Problems” by hitting the dance floor. In the music video for the track “Champagne Problems,” the singer parties at a neon-lit club as he sings about drinking his way through a break-up. The more he dances and drinks, the hazier things get. At certain points, he even sits in the middle of the dance floor as pretty women dance around him. “We got champagne problems/Only one way to solve 'em/Raising our glass 'cause it's our last/With these champagne problems/Just keep on, keep on drinking,” he sings. Nick previously confirmed the song was about…

posted 2016/11/07 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Lady Gaga Joins Jon Bon Jovi & The Clintons at Tonight's Midnight "Get Out the Vote" Rally

Lady Gaga has been on Twitter for the past day posting about how she's supporting Hillary Clinton for president, and tonight, she'll put her money where her tweets are. Gaga will join the Democratic candidate for president at a final "Get Out the Vote" rally at midnight at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.  Also on the bill: Jon Bon Jovi, President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and DJ Samantha Ronson.  Samantha is the sister of Gaga's friend and collaborator, Mark Ronson. The rally starts at 11:45 p.m. ET. Gaga recently changed her Twitter screen name from "Joanne," which is the…

posted 2016/11/07 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Destiny's Child Strikes a Pose for the Mannequin Challenge

It seems as though everyone is giving their best pose for the newest viral craze, the Mannequin Challenge -- including Destiny's Child.  Kelly Rowland recently posted an Instagram video of herself, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams frozen still, with Michelle with a ball in her hands, in mid-pass to Bey, with Kelly looking on gripping a balloon in the shape of a long stick with a snarl on her face.   The Mannequin Challenge, which began to gain popularity in late October, shows video participants on social media freezing in place, sometimes set to music.   Copyright © 2016, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.     ???????????? A video…

posted 2016/11/07 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR