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Jon Stewart Reveals New Trump Executive Orders on "The Late Show with Steven Colbert"

(NEW YORK) --  If Jon Stewart has been itching for an opportunity to comment on the Donald Trump presidency since leaving The Daily Show, he got his chance last night when Stephen Colbert welcomed his old friend and mentor to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Stewart walked out for the first post-monologue segment wearing an outrageously long red tie -- at least six feet long -- and a stuffed ferret strapped to the top of his head.  His explanation: now that Trump was president, the height of fashion was to wear a “super long tie” and a “dead animal…

posted 2017-02-01 05:00:10 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio


Report: Antoine Fuqua Leaves "Scarface" Reboot for "The Equalizer" Sequel

(LOS ANGELES) -- Antoine Fuqua is stepping down from the director's chair for the forthcoming reboot of the classic gangster movie Scarface. A source tells Variety that Sony and Denzel Washington are requesting a prompt sequel to The Equalizer and need Fuqua to focus on prepping the film so it can be in production by the spring.   However, Fuqua reportedly still wants to work on Scarface and is trying to figure out a way to make it happen, even as Universal meets with other directors. Fuqua will reportedly have to move on from Scarface since he has already dedicated much of his time to developing The Equalizer script.  As previously reported, the reboot of Scarface will…

posted 2017-01-31 18:00:09 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

After Delays, "Thrusters On Full" for "Star Trek: Discovery"

(LOS ANGELES) -- With the headline "Thrusters On Full," CBS announced Tuesday that production has begun on Star Trek: Discovery. The show, which will air on the streaming service CBS All Access, will star The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green as the lead, as well as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon series star Michelle Yeoh, Doug Jones from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood's James Frain, and stage and screen actor Anthony Rapp. The show had hit some snags along the way, and its premiere date has already been bumped twice; last word is it likely won't make its once-expected May launch.…

posted 2017-01-31 14:01:09 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Leslie Mann Jokes Robert De Niro Said She's a "Better Actress than Meryl Streep"

(NEW YORK) -- Leslie Mann feels “so lucky” to have worked alongside legendary actor Robert De Niro in their new film, The Comedian. “He sent me flowers every day. He talked about how he thought I was a better actress than Meryl Streep all the time," she joked on Good Morning America, to the already bashful De Niro's embarrassment. "No, it it was amazing." The two co-star in the new movie, The Comedian, about an aging comic icon, played by De Niro, who gets into a fight with an audience member and is sent to do community service where he meets a younger woman, played by Mann. Although…

posted 2017-01-31 12:00:11 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

The Hero We Deserve: Affleck Quits as Director of Upcoming "Batman" Film

(LOS ANGELES) -- Ben Affleck isn't hanging up the cape and cowl, but he is stepping down as the director of the new Batman standalone film. "There are certain characters who hold a special place in the hearts of millions," Affleck said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. "Performing this role demands focus, passion and the very best performance I can give. It has become clear that I cannot do both jobs to the level they require." Affleck had previously said -- as recently as a few weeks ago while promoting his Live By Night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! -- that he would still be calling the shots for…

posted 2017-01-31 12:00:00 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"Beauty and the Beast" Final Trailer Debuts

(LOS ANGELES) -- The new, final trailer for Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast debuted -- after much teasing -- Monday night on ABC’s broadcast of The Bachelor. The musical, starring Harry Potter alum Emma Watson as Belle and Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens as the Beast, is a live-action reboot of the classic 1991 animated Disney movie. The original film was the first animated film to be nominated for an Academy Award for best picture. The film also stars Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts and Kevin Kline as Belle’s father, Maurice. Beauty and the Beast opens nationwide March 17. Disney is the parent company of ABC News. Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio.…

posted 2017-01-31 10:00:50 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"Westworld" Lead Evan Rachel Wood Reportedly Engaged

(LOS ANGELES) -- Westworld's Evan Rachel Wood is officially off the market. Wood, 29, is engaged to actor Zach Villa, her rep tells Us Weekly, confirming rumors that began when they showed up at Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles wearing matching silver bands on their left ring fingers. The couple reportedly met in 2015 when they performed at a cabaret with a theme inspired by 16 Candles and Breakfast Club director John Hughes. That same year, they formed a musical duo called Rebel and a Basketcase. They sparked dating rumors when they were seen holding hands and kissing at the Critics Choice Awards last month.  This will be…

posted 2017-01-31 08:00:43 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"The Bachelor" Recap: Three Women Nick Really Likes, and Two Who Can't Do Anything but Fight

(NEW YORK) -- The conflict between Corinne and Taylor dominated Monday night’s new episode of The Bachelor on ABC. While Taylor repeatedly tried to take the high road, Corinne used every chance she had to undermine her nemesis to win the affection of Nick Viall. Both women hoped the other would be headed home after the rose ceremony, but they both remained in the game, only to learn later they’d be going on a two-on-one date with Nick -- and only one of them would survive. Astrid and Sarah’s fates were sealed when they failed to get a flower from…

posted 2017-01-31 05:00:41 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio


"Man with the Iron Fists" Director RZA to Direct an Episode of Marvel's "Iron Fist"

(NEW YORK) -- RZA is getting back into the director's chair. In an Extra Facebook Live interview, Iron Fist star Finn Jones, who plays series lead Danny Rand, explains that the Wu-Tang emcee and actor has a major part in the upcoming Netflix series. Jones plays Danny Rand, the son of a murdered billionaire who, while in the Far East, uncovers a mystical power that allows him to channel his energy into the titular, super-strong punch.  He returns to his stomping grounds of Hell's Kitchen in New York City, and soon literally turns it into his stomping grounds, taking on crime as a masked superhero. "So before I started the…

posted 2017-01-30 18:00:27 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Forget Awards -- Denzel Washington Just Wants to Be a Force for "Unity"

(LOS ANGELES) -- First-time Screen Actors Guild Award winner Denzel Washington told Good Morning America that he was "surprised" at being honored Sunday night as Outstanding Lead Actor. He had assumed that Casey Affleck would take home the award after he won the Golden Globe for his role in Manchester by the Sea. "Somewhere during the evening I started thinking, 'You better think of something just in case,'" Washington said. However, he admits, "It was a shock, it really was a shock." The 62-year-old actor won the SAG Award for his role in Fences, which he also directed. He said that, while it felt good to win, his…

posted 2017-01-30 14:00:22 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

First Look: Sandra Bullock and Company in "Oceans 8"

(LOS ANGELES) -- Warner Bros. has given fans their first peek at Oceans 8, the all-female reboot of the heist series.  The snapshot shows Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson and Nora Lum, aka Awkwafina, all dressed to the nines, riding the New York City subway with their game-faces on.   According to Warner Brothers, the movie follows Bullock's character, Debbie Ocean, as she, "attempts to pull off the heist of the century at New York City's star-studded Met Gala." Like her Gravity co-star George Clooney before her -- and Frank Sinatra before him -- Bullock's character assembles a crack team of crooks…

posted 2017-01-30 12:00:19 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"HAN FIRST SHOT" -- Young Han Solo Movie Starts Production

(LOS ANGELES) -- With a snapshot of a movie clapper board and the clever caption "HAN FIRST SHOT" -- a take on the Star Wars fan gripe "Han Shot First" -- Chris Miller has let everyone know that he and co-director Phil Lord's production of the movie about Han Solo's younger days is now underway.  Also clever: the movie's on-set code name, Red Cup. Get it?  Solo?  As in Red Solo Cup? Alden Ehrenreich stars as a younger version of the scoundrel famously played by Harrison Ford in the Star Wars movies. Not much is known about the plot of the project, except that a young Lando Calrissian figures into it -- with Atlanta's Donald Glover playing Solo's…

posted 2017-01-30 12:00:00 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio